Why do you need a bookkeeper?

Pop Quiz for Small Business Owners
Get a quick read on how well you are managing your business’s finances by answering these four questions:

1. As a small business owner, are you clear on where you are making and spending money?
2. Do you know the questions you might need to ask of your accountant, lawyer, and insurance broker to improve your business’s health?
3. Do you have professionals and friends who are working with you to help you succeed?
4. Are you prepared to hand your accounting books over to the Tax Preparer with little extra time and effort?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you could be jeopardizing the success of your business. Contact Bookkeeping Simply today and find out how having an experienced, responsive bookkeeper will help you gain peace of mind.

What exactly is a Bookkeeper?
A Bookkeeper is an Accounting Professional that may perform any or all of the following tasks for your business:

•    Accounts Receivable – Recording of Sales
•    Accounts Payable – Paying of Bills
•    Make Deposits
•    Balance Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements
•    Payroll Processing or submission of wage data to an outside payroll company
•    Payroll Taxes
•    Sales Taxes

A Full-Charge Bookkeeper understands a General Ledger Trial Balance and is capable of preparing Financial Statements. They turn over a balanced set of books to the Tax Accountant at year end.

What exactly is an Accountant?
An Accountant sets up a business’s record keeping in a way that will be most beneficial to the entrepreneur in reviewing their business. The Accountant will then make sure that the system is doing what is required and make suggestions and changes as necessary.

In teaming up with Bookkeeping Simply, you will have ALL the skills of a Full-Charge Bookkeeper and an Accountant. Your Financial Statements will be accurate and complete.

Bookkeeping Simply WILL keep it simple for you.